Get access to your GHL Devices from anywhere in the world.

Cloud Service for GHL Devices / Cloudservice für GHL Geräte

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Benefit from the latest web technology available to get access to your GHL Devices and operate them easily with the cloud service myGHL®.

After logging in and registering your equipment you can begin observing current states, start actions, as well as make possible adjustments.
Whether on vacation or on a business trip,  with myGHL® you can still check on it and maintain full control about all your aquatic environment.

If something needs your attention you can react immediately and can preserve your precious aquarium, terrarium or pond from serious damage.
You’ll love the ease of use and safety myGHL® can provide!

Knowing that you can maintain control of your tank when you’re away from home can really give you peace of mind and make your hobby even more enjoyable.